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Sibley, Iowa 

kitchen design & construction plans

ppg color workstation

The PPG Color Work Station, a new retail palette display with an integrated 42-inch touch screen, serves as a comprehensive color station to simplify color selection and coordination.  As part of the PPG Color Work Station, the Harmony Collection features 295 stand-alone colors organized for ultimate color coordination. Large take-home color chips are also available.  A barcode scanner allows customers to scan color swatches and brochures to view colors on the screen and virtually paint a number of rooms, as well as exteriors.  The PPG Color Work Station also provides product information for easy reference, as well as a palette of more than 2,000 new and existing colors for the ideal design of any room.

Schnepf Lumber provides complete design services.  We will start with an empty room and create the kitchen of your dreams.  The options are limitless!  Sizes, colors, doors, handles, pulls, accessories, and much more are all unique to fit your taste, space, and style.



We can also draw plans for your home, office, commercial building, or livestock facility projects.